Humble Abode

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The house where Herb and I lived.

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The house did not have electricity. We had running water, but not hot water. We had a small kitchen with a sink and a wood stove. We were also provided with a small gas stove which ran off a small gas tank. In the living room there was also a fireplace which we sometimes used for cooking. Below Herb is grilling something.


Of course the wood stove and fireplace required fire wood.


We did some gardening, but I don't remember what we grew.


It got rather cool in the winter, and sometimes the fireplace didn't cut it..


Me standing in the back entrance of the house. There was a tub in the back room, and once a week or so we warmed up some water on the wood stove and took a bath.


We had neighbors nearby.


This is Alfred Msibi, a very personable young man who, if I remember correctly, was a student at the school where I taught.

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Our friend Ron "Bheka" Pierce taught at a very rural school which was maybe 20 miles from Hlatikulu. On some weekends he would take the bus into town to shop for groceries, and would stay at our place.


What can I say, it's Bheka.