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My housemate Herb Blank and I lived in the town of Hlatikulu, in the southern Shiselweni district. The town had two junior secondary schools. I taught at one and Herb at the other.The town also had a hospital. Below is a photo of the road from Manzini, entering Hlatikulu from the north. The town is on top of a hill.


The bus from Manzini approaching the town.

P3_24 P9_29

Photos of the road as you get closer to the center of town.

P3_05 P3_23

Some scenes of the central business district.

P9_20 P13_18

I don't remember a Central Hotel, but I do remember a place called the Assagai Inn. Herb and I occasionally had dinner there.


This is a photo of Herb in downtown Hlatikulu with Mathilde. I don't know how to describe Mathilde, except that she is somehow associated with Bheka Pierce. Bheka can probably provide more details.


Some scenes from the area around Hlatikulu. P3_01 P3_02 P3_22 P13_09 P13_20

I believe that is Christ the King school, where Herb taught, on top of the adjoining hill.