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The incwala is a traditional Swazi ceremony held annually on the fourth day after the full moon near the summer solstice. "Incwala" might best be translated as "Kingship Ceremony". The climax of this pageant is on the fourth day. Key figures are the King, Queen Mother, royal wives and children, and the royal governors. All Swazis may take part in the public part of the Incwala.The following photos may be from Incwala, but I'm not sure.

P6_08 P6_10

The other major traditional festival is the Umhlanga Reed Dance, which occurs in late August or early September. Only childless, unmarried girls take part. The girls cut reeds and present them to the Queen Mother and then dance. The king picks one of the girls to be his next wife. I am fairly certain that the follwowing photos were taken at the reed dance.

P9_27 P9_31 P5_09

I don't know where I took the following photos, but it must have been during a celebration of some kind.

P6_12 P6_13