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Ron Pierce, whom we call by his Swazi name Bheka, taught at Ntshanini, a very rural school some 20 miles from Hlatikulu. He would take the Igwalagwala bus on weekends to shop for groceries and supplies in Hlatikulu, and would often stay with Herb and me.


This is home at Ntshanini. This photo was taken during one of the annual goat roasts that he hosted. Some of the guests are in the photo, but I don't recognise them, except for Mary Ruetten who is standing near the house.


For these events Bheka would purchase a goat from one of the locals and have his students slaughter and dress it. In this photo the goat is being roasted. The person kneeling by the fire is my house mate Herb Blank.The fellow with the beard I believe is Fred Schwartz, who later died in a car accident. I don't recognise the other fellow.


Enjoying the meal with our host Bheka.


I believe this is a photo of New Haven, which is near Ntshanini, Mary Ruetten taught at New Haven and that is her standing in the entrance of the church. With her are two of our volunteer cohorts.


Some folks took a hike in the vicinity of Ntshanini. The fellow in the red cap is Bheka, and Herb is behind him. The fellow with the walking stick I believe is Fred Schwartz. I don't recognise the fellow next to him, but I think it might be Gary Rowse. Following behind is someone else I don't recognise, and Mary Ruetten.


Mary and Gary Rowse?


How did a basketball hoop get to Ntshanini?


More scenes around Ntshanini

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