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Following are photos of various people around Swaziland. The first photo is of Gary Rowse. I visited him at Nsongweni on several occasions, the school where he taught. The school is just off the road between Hlatikulu and Nhlangano. One one occasion I celebrated my 26th birthday at his house. He had made a special poster for the occasion, which among other things had a drawing of the one finger salute with the words "patriotic duty" below it.

On one of our school vacations, Gary and I traveled through Mozambique to Malawi, returning through Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe). Unfortunately Gary is not with us anymore. I would have greatly enjoyed recalling memories with him at our reunions.


Below are photos of, I believe, fellow volunteers. I don' recognize them and I'm hoping my cohorts can help me out.Gary Wilson believes the fellow in the photo below is him.


I have learned that the fellow in the following photo is Lowell Boileau.

P5_12 P13_31 P13_34

I now have information regarding the following photo. The fellow next to the dog is Fred O'Regan, and the other fellow is Jim Steinman. The dog's name is Vaughn, apparently belonging to Mike Ascolese. The motorcycle belongs to Jim Morphy.


Below are random photos of Swazis.

P3_15 P9_18 P9_28 P9_33 P3_03 P9_32