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I taught at the Hlatikulu Central School for three years.


Every morning before class students would gather for a short convocation and were addressed by the principal. Typically they would sing something, in four part hamony.


A view of the secondary school. It was a junior secondary school that taught Forms I through II. After graduation students could go to a senior secondary school for Forms IV and V. Haltikulu Central School also included an adjoining primary school.


This is Ben Dlamini, who was the principal during my first year. After my first two years I traveled back home before returning to Swaziland for a third year of teaching. At that time Mr. Dlamini was in the U.S. taking some education courses. I visited a friend in western Massachusetts, and while there visted Ben in his apartment. I remember it was a bitter cold winter day.


I don't remember what this occasion was, perhaps a visit by dignitaries.

P12_10 P9_30

Another photo of the school grounds.


Some pictures of students in their school uniforms.

P10_06 P10_07 P12_06 P12_13 P12_15

Some of the primary students with their teacher.

P12_12 P12_17

The building containing teachers offices.


Me in my office. We had one of those old style mimeograph machines.


I taught mostly the science course, and during my stay I upgraded the lab by installing bunsen burners. I had students help me by chiseling out a trench in the concrete floor for piping from the gas cylinder to the burners on lab benches. I also made test tube stands at the Salesian school in Manzini. They were kind enough to let me use their shop with power tools, and even gave me the wood.

P10_01 P10_02 P12_09

I am not sure how, why or when I took the following photos of some of my female students. Obviously they were not wearing school uniforms at the time.

P5_29 P5_30 P5_31