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The secondary school staff at Hlatikulu Central was mostly white folks. The principal during my first year was Ben Dlamini, a Swazi. Madikizela was the principal for my next two years. I'm not sure if he was a Swazi, may have been a South African. The only black teacher was the other science teacher, Tom Hlatshwayo. We also had a biracial man and woman. The man was a Swazi citizen, but I don't know about the woman. I had a pretty good relation with both of them and it bothers me that I can't remember their names. I played tennis once with the woman and got trounced.

The remaining teachers were white, and again I can't recall names. There was a British couple, contract teachers who are show in the following photo.


We had two British volunteer teachers. I don't remember the name of the one in the following photo, on the tennis court with our neighbor Alfred Msibi.


The other volunteer was Mike Tyrrel, who taught math. While returning home at the end of my time in Africa, I visited him and his family. The family home was a rather nice, large home. His mother was a medical doctor and his father a university professor. They were very kind to me.

P3_17 P5_21

The other conract teacher was James Kirkley.


James married a Swazi woman. I am trying to remember her name and am coming up with Christine Dlamini, but I'm not sure about that. The following is a photo taken at their wedding. Christine is in the blue dress and the woman in the red dress next to Jim is Christine's best friend, who I believe was a nurse. Of course I can't remember her name, but Herb and I spent time with both of them.


Pictures of Christine and James at their house.

P10_11 P12_23

Following is a photo of my housemate Herb. He taught at the Christ the King School, shown in the background. I believe that school had more black teachers, for example the science teacher. We spent some time socializing with one of them, but of course I can't remember his name.