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Our training was mostly at the abandoned and deteriorating Leland College campus in Baker near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It had been a black college originally in New Orleans, but later moved to Baker.


We had instructors from Swaziland to get us familiar with the culture and Siswati, the language. There are several photos of them below. Jim Morphy remembers the names in the first photo. From left to right Mr. Manzini, Prince Sulumlomo, Amazian (Amy) Ndlovu, Wilson Simelane, and Glory Mamba.

P8_02 P8_05 P8_06

In the photos below two instructors are acting out how a conversation in Siswati might go.

P8_03 P8_04

Glory Mamba I believe, one of the instructors.


Our training included stays with local black folks, I suppose to get us used to being with them. Cliff Sears and I spent maybe a week with a delightful woman who lived in a small house that was just off the end of a runway at the Baton Rouge airport. Periodically jets flew over the house making conversation difficult. She had chickens that provided us with at least one of our meals. Below Cliff is conducting an experiment with a chicken to verify something, I don't remember what, she told him about chicken behavior. We attended church with her on one Sunday, and it was clear she was one of the church pillars.


During the days I spent time observing at a high school associated with Southern University, a historically black college. On one occasion I taught a class in high school physics. I also attended one of their football games.

P14_08 P14_09 P14_11

I think the photos below were taken at our training site. The folks look familiar but I don't remember their names, although I think the woman in the first photo might be Sue Endemann.


Sue (Donnelly) Renaud has confirmed that it is her in the photo below.


I have had some feedback regarding people in the photo below. The fellow in the upper left is Jim Morphy. The blonde below him is Jenny Gill, and Sue Donnelly is next to her, just to the left. The fellow in the gray shirt is Lowell Boileau. The fellow between Jenny and Lowell is Art Frank. They where working on a graffiti mural project. The result is shown in the following photo.

P15_02 P14_01

Is this Jerry Kernoschak?